Hello! my name is Baqir Bakahasab. I practice the Islamic religion. I practice alone, I am not in any specific branch. I believe that there is only one incomparable god and also in a chain of prophets starting with Adam; However, I believe that God sent a reconfirmation and eternal message through the profit, Muhammad. The Islamic religion originated in the city of Mecca by the profit Muhammad. I live in the country of Syria. Although less than 40% of people in the world are of the Islamic religion, there are many people in Syria who practice this religion. In Christianity, people read from the Holy Bible; In the Islamic religion, I read from the Holy Quran. Sometime in the near feature, I would love to visit the city of Mecca where my religion began. I worship Allah, or God in English, twice, to three times a day. A way of celebration is fasting some during the year. What this is like, is eating only in the evening after only water during the day. I get joy and happiness out of my religion. My dreams are to go to Mecca to see where the religion started.

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One thought on “The Islamic Religion

  1. This post is short but has all the requirements. I have really known something about this religion in mind after reading. I think this is good, for we should learn from each other to get twice information. This post has concentrated on many parts of this religion and also the character’s idea. Good job!

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