I am a little monk in this great temple. Every day, I sweep the ground, wash plates, and collect water from the wells. Though these are all hard things, I keep peace in mind to do them. Because master has said to me that Buddhism is everywhere, I know doing these works is also a way to practice Buddhism. I have been keeping living in this great temple for five years—since I was four years old, master picked me up on the street and made me become a monk. Notice I am working hard these years, master decides to take me to the place where Buddhism originated—Nepal, to get more practice. Here in China, thousands of people practice Buddhism, however, it is not the original place for Buddhism. In Nepal, we decide to walk for our practicing. Snow mountains, different temples, beautiful sightseeing have totally attracted me. Finally I learn our major belief in the blue sky—everything cannot be told, you can only learn it when you use your heart touching it. Reading the Shurangama Sutra aloud through the clouds when we are high in the mountain, I see as if the symbol 卍 appears in the deep deep sky. In Nepal’s temples, we see different figures of Buddha—different from the one we worship in our temple. Although I am still a little monk, I find that Buddhism is useful in every corner of my life. For instance, when I was flamed by someone, I won’t be angry because Buddhism beliefs in my mind keep my heart being full of peace. I once was very sad, for I was passed away by my parents, but Buddhism has told me that do not be angry for anything, and everything has its own road. Now I feel happy every day and want to be a great master in future, teaching people Buddhism to ease their pain.

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One thought on “Buddhism

  1. I really like your point of view in this post. You explain the religion showing a personal connection, and you really gave a person an insight into what it is like to practice this religion. Even though the simplicity was very charming, I would’ve liked more detail about the religion. However, I guess your character lacks that knowledge as he is still relatively new to the religion himself. I liked this post, good job.

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