Industrialization is the transformation from society depending on agriculture to a society depending on industry to support it. Industrialization began in Britain in the 1700s and rapidly spread through the rest of Europe. The abundant amount of resources Europe had fueled the industrialization. For the people of Europe the Industrial Revolution was overall bad, it encouraged people to move to the cities to work in factories. Although few became wealthy wages were very low, it crowded cities and made for unhealthy living conditions.

With industrialization spreading through Europe the economy began to thrive, but the environment began to be damaged. Air pollution, water pollution, deforestation all contributed to damaging the environment. Tall smoke stacks were built to carry air pollution away from local industrial sites, but the pollution contained acid-producing chemicals, that mixed with moisture fell as acid rain. This destroys not only Europe’s natural environment but also its historical man made structures. Air pollution also infiltrates the water making the water hazardous. Also countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea use it for waste disposal. People in Europe also cut down forests to build and fuel factories which depleted Europe of its lumber supply.

North western Europe including the “black triangle” has the most severe environmental problems because that area had very little to no laws controlling pollution. The past three centuries of industrialization have led to high increases in carbon-dioxide in our atmosphere which has contributed to global warming. Governments are now putting in place laws that limit corporations in emissions of green-house gases like Kyoto Protocol, which is an amendment to the international treaty to reduce green-house gas emissions

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One thought on “Effects of Industrialization on Europe’s Environment

  1. Great job. Certainly industrialization has had a very negative effect on Europe’s environment. Where exactly is the Black Triangle? I know you said in Northwestern Europe, but just curious about specifics.

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