Mission: Chechnya’s Struggle for Independence



Chechnya is a mountainous country located in southern Russia and surrounded on nearly all sides by Russian territory.  For many years, Chechnya had been occupied by other powers.  First, the Russians controlled them by the Turks and then, but Chechens have strived for independence.  They had to wait for over 60 years before they briefly gained independence from Russia, but shortly after, the Russian’s took control in 1922.  To carry their oil, the Russian use a pipe-system that runs underground.  Since the main pipe runs underneath Chechnya, Russia will not give up their sovereignty over them.  This conflict is still going on today.  Over the years, Russia has bombed and sent troops from their military down there to make sure everything is stable and Russia is still under control.  This is a very serious conflict; peace and stability will hopefully soon be resolved.


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One thought on “Mission- Chechnya’s Struggle for Independence

  1. What are the dates for all these bomb attacks? what direction is this conflict heading in as of late? This was easy to understand, but I would’ve liked a little more detail. Good job, though!

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