Jerusalem has been a holy city since ancient times and has been a city of worship for many religions, such as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. These religions have records such as the bible, that tell them that Jerusalem is a holy place for their religion. The majority of Israelis, the country Jerusalem is in, are Jewish and the Palestinian who do not have their own country are Muslim. Both the Israelis and Palestinians feel that they have the right to control Israel and more importantly Jerusalem. Both their religions records tell them that they have the rights to the city. In Jerusalem both Islam and Judaism was born.

Palestinians occupies Israel for hundreds of years but during the 1800s Jews began to migrate back the the holy land and eventually gained the majority. This movement was greatly supported by Zionist. Zionist are nationalistic Jews who support the return of Jews to the holy land and want to keep Israel for themselves. After WWII Israel became a Jewish country and Palestinian became refugees and were restricted to small areas of Israeli control.

The Palestinians Wanted their land back and there has been a conflict ever since. The UN proposed a Two-State plan so that both groups would have their own state. Palestine now wants to take the deal but declined it at the time it was offered.

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2 thoughts on “The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

  1. Good job, Mitch. Your article brings me up to speed on this conflict, and outlines it very well. I wonder why the UN hasn’t put the two-state plan into action now that the Palestinians want to put it into action…

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