Environmental Challenges in Africa

In Africa, people face everyday environment challenges. Africa south of the Sahara is an immense region covering about 9.5 million square miles.   It has many unique geographical features including The Great Rift Valley, faults, rivers, and lakes that shape the region’s carrying capacity.  Carrying capacity is the number of people an area of land can support on a sustained basis.  It’s very important for one to understand this concept when studying Africa because the environment greatly affects the carrying capacity.  Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Chad, and Sudan have greatly exceeded their carrying capacity.  Also, this area experiences many droughts due to desertification.  Desertification occurs when long periods of drought and land use destroy the vegetation.  Since this area is near the Sahara, it had a dry, harsh climate, which causes many problems for its inhabitants.  This is a danger to the populations of Africa south of the Sahara because as the desert expands, the resources are slowly decreasing which causes many problems, including hunger. Hunger is a major problem in Africa, mainly because of desertification.  Due to droughts, Africa’s resources are disappearing, and hunger is a major problem.  With the scarcity of food, Africa also has problems with widespread diseases, including AIDS. AIDS is a disease caused by a virus HIV, which has spread throughout most of the population, including the children.  In Africa, the governments own the health-care systems.  Because of the demand for health care, the governments can’t keep up with the demands.  In Africa, pollution is a problem.  Along with the desertification, the people of Africa cause many problems with the environment.  Due to the scarcity of resources, Africa’s people have to use the resources that are left, which is causing problems in the environment.  Africa has many different issues in the environment that are affecting the environment and its people.



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