Physical Features

Gobi Desert


In China, the Tarim Basin to the north is the desert Gobi. It’s the fifth largest desert in the world, and also is the most expansive arid region on the Asian continent. The desert spans two countries, covering parts of northern and northwestern China and up into southern Mongolia. The frequent dust storms from Gobi make life difficult in southern Mongolia and north-central China. Gobi suffers from having most of its rain blocked by the Himalayas. Less than three inches of rain fall annually there. A lot of history has happened across Gobi’s dunes. The desert is home to the first fossilized dinosaur egg ever found, as well as many other important fossil discoveries. It was part of the great Mongol Empire, it also contained a few important cities for traders to stop and rest while traveling the Silk Road from Europe to China. The Gobi Desert continues to grow, which makes China loses a lot of valuable grassland. Even thought its expansion threatens human habitation, the Gobi remains a distinctly beautiful area of the planet, with a rich history buried beneath its surface.


Cultural Locations



Greater Tokyo is the world’s most populous metropolitan area with more than 35 million people and is also the center of Japanese culture, finance, and government. A bustling cosmopolitan city, Tokyo is also a major transportation hub and a world economic and industrial center. The city boasts a large number of world-class institutions of higher education, the highest concentration of universities in Japan. Tokyo, Edo in her former name, was founded in the 12th century. A local aristocrat started Tokyo History. The Tokugawa shogun ate was established in 1603 with Edo as its seat of government. Tokyo was known as Edo until 1868, when the Japanese imperial family was moved there from Kyoto, and Imperial history in Tokyo started. Then its urbanization was so fast that during 20th century, Tokyo’s urban area was quickly expanding. Right now its urban area is much more bigger than the main city. What’s more, Tokyo city is one of the most modern areas in the world. As modern Japanese culture center, Tokyo is flourish. Clothes, art, business, all the factors, Tokyo is high-speed refresh itself everyday.


Historical Influence

Tang Dynasty


After 300 years of division and fragmentation following the collapse of the Han dynasty in 220 A.D., China was once again unified under the Sui dynasty (581–618). The political and governmental institutions established during this brief period lay the foundation for the growth and prosperity of the succeeding Tang dynasty. Marked by strong and benevolent rule, successful diplomatic relationships, economic expansion, and a cultural efflorescence of cosmopolitan style, Tang China emerged as one of the greatest empires in the medieval world. Foreigners went to this country and became a part of citizens’ daily lives. In the beginning decades of the Tang, especially under the leadership of Emperor Taizong (r. 627–50), China subdued its nomadic neighbors from the north and northwest, securing peace and safety on overland trade routes reaching as far as Syria and Rome. The official examination system enabled educated men without family connections to serve as government officials. The eighth century heralded the second important epoch in Tang history, achieved largely during the reign of Emperor Xuanzong (r. 712–56). It is rightfully ranked as the classical period of Chinese art and literature, as it set the high standard to which later poets (Li Bo, Du Fu, Wang Wei), painters (Wu Daozi, Wang Wei). Tang Tricolor is also famous at that time. Although the An Lushan rebellion in the middle of the century considerably weakened the power and authority of the court, the restored government ruled for another century and a half, providing stability for lasting cultural and artistic development.


Contemporary Issues

North Korea’s Relationship with the World


North Korea has a centralized government controlled by the Korean Workers’ Party. All government officials belong to the party. The last leader King Jong Il died on December 17th, 2011. His son, Kim Jong Un, took the new leadership. North Koreans almost admire this new leader. The new government works hard on nuclear weapons and rockets, which makes many countries feel dangerous. It also tries to make wars and conflicts to some powerful countries such as America. US government pays much attention on this “new” country and the danger it might bring. The situation is not really good, the world is nervous about the new government of North Korea. Neighboring countries such as China and Russia also have complicated attitudes towards this old “new” neighbor.


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2 thoughts on “East Asia Mission (Gobi, Tokyo, Tang dynasty and North Korea relationship with world)

  1. Interesting topics! What challenges does Tokyo face with it being such a crowded city? I’ve heard it’s actually very clean–did you find that in your research? Also, regarding North Korea, aren’t they not very friendly when it comes to trade? Do you know why the country has been in recent news?

    • they don’t have enough houses and jobs. because Japanese are very clean so the city is beautiful. as for NK, people are kind of stubborn and crazy about their leaders, so if it’s good for the country they will accept. but sometimes are unbelievably stubborn. traditional. I think their new leader is very young and wants to attracts world’s attention so NK is facing many problems these days.

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