In Myanmar, thee tree Thit-si produces resin. Lacquer is the sap of an indigenous tree that hardens into a natural resin. One takes resin by notches at the base of the trunk and puts it in bowls. The sap of the tree has a very strong adhesive quality and covers many objects. It can adhere to many surfaces and it resists the insects and protects the object. The lacquerware is sold throughout the country and overseas. Lacquerware includes small objects, utensils, furniture, cupboards, tables, large decorative objects, musical instruments, and much more. They all come in variety of colors. Engraving is done freely by hand without a model, from entire memory.


This lacquerware container made in Myanmar was recently found preserved. One can see the detailed engraving and the glossy, protective layer the lacquer makes the object.


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2 thoughts on “Myanmar Lacquerware

  1. Interesting! Has the sale of this lacquerware been important to their economy in any way? Is it important to any religions or used for religious purposes at all?

  2. nice! the lacquerware in the picture above looks beautiful! I really want to see the inside after open it! do have any picture of that ??

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