The little thing showed in the picture above is sickle. Sickles are handy harvesting tools that are long, sharp, curved knives, which is useful for harvesting rice and other crops.The Sickle is  available in a wide variety of materials. It harvests all crops within a 5×5 square of blocks, with the clicked block in the center.

To the people of Asia, especially for the very poorest, rice is not just a food. Rice equals life. In fact, nearly 7 out of 10 people, or two thirds of the world’s population depend on it for sustenance. For thousands of years this tiny grain has shaped the cultures, economies and environments of many countries and regions in this part of the world. Entire lifestyles are focused upon the growth and protection of this staple food.

Khmer empire was built up based on agricultural culture. Rice provides strong backup for food and economy. During this time period, people in this region invented a complex system of lakes, canals, and irrigation channels to grow three or four rice crops annually.

Deeply embedded within the spiritual heritage of the people who tend to it, rice has become sacred and revered. Many countries in South East Asia still worship rice in the form of a Goddess (nearly always female ie. a mother figure) – whose existence predates today’s major religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and Christianity.

Sickles have more meanings to people in this region than itself. Use sickles get food and money in harvest, people get to feed the is family and get a better life. As a symbol, sickle and the agricultural culture are deeply shaping this region.

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One thought on “Southeast Mission: Sickles

  1. Nice. The sickle was a symbol for the communist party in Soviet Russia as well, used to symbolize the importance of agricultural work. How is the symbol deeply shaping the agricultural regions as you mentioned?

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